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New York, 11th September 2001 - three firemen hoist the American flag on the World Trade Center. It seemed like a miracle that the mast was not broken after the collapse of the towers of the World Trade Center.

Concernation, Fear, Mourning

After the murderoused terrorist attacks on the USA many people thought this is the end of the world, how we knew them so far. And surely the world has lost, with the assassinations of New York and Washington his last innocence and global carelessness. Because such assassination attempts can repeat at any time, all the same whereever in the world. Precisely therefore we moved closer together, mourn over around the dead ones and felt with the relatives.

Even if the 11th September has left a fear wound in all of us, we must back-conquer again a piece of normality. However we may not forget or lock the eyes before the sorrow that the terrible terrorist attacks involved. Because the most innocent all humans are as always most badly concerned: the children.


The sorrow of the Children

Sorrowful children at the coffin of their parents, photos for crying. Some hundred children in New York became orphans or half orphans. There is again and again the children, who must endure that, which adults in their religious mania did to them. After such a stroke of fate they must live a life, light-years are distant on ease, laughter and luck.


But despite all mourning and sorrow, which these children experienced in shortest time, they saw also courageous heart into the coming future. We should take ourselves an example at all children of this world, because in them we see the miracle of the life, the singularness of the instant and hope for a fairer world.


The children are it, who can make
our world better!!!


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